LaunchPad Gymnastics

To develop physical literacy a child should first master the fundamental movement skills. Having these skills is an essential part of enjoyable participation and a lifelong interest in an active lifestyle.

Developing Physical Literacy Higgs, Balyi, Way, Cardinal, Norris & Bluechardt, 2008

"Gymnastics is to sport what the alphabet is to reading."

LaunchPad gymnastics programs rely on safe and enjoyable activities that challenge participants relative to their abilities and stage of development. Many of the games and activities in LaunchPad programs are based on what fundamental gymnastics coaches around the world have been delivering for years. Importantly, research tells us that children who have these fundamental skills are far more likely to participate in sport and recreation throughout life.

Delivered in both gymnastics clubs and schools, LaunchPad gymnastics programs are all about fundamental movement. They've been especially designed to give your kids the opportunity to practise, develop and, most importantly, enjoy moving through a wide-range of activities that will help them to develop physically, socially and cognitively.

Philosophically speaking...
The time has come... and it's time to move!

1. LaunchPad is active
Movement is central to what LaunchPad gymnastics is all about. We Like to get the ball rolling, set things in motion, get under way. LaunchPad is dynamic, fresh and energetic... It's time to move!

2. LaunchPad inspires
We think that having heroes is vital. These are people you look up to, people who you think embody all the good things you'd like to be. They may not be famous or well-known, as long as they are someone you admire for the right reasons; whatever your reasons may be. We couldn't really encourage our LaunchPad participants to have heroes if we didn't have a few of our own!

Take a look at Our Heroes to see a few people we believe are right up there with the best. They live and breathe the LaunchPad essence - appreciating the value of movement and loving all the benefits it can bring!

3. LaunchPad is lifelong
A hugely important goal of LaunchPad is to foster the development of lifelong skill, physical literacy and healthy habits of movement for all those participating in LaunchPad programs.

We believe that life is all about learning - whether you're a child or an adult, there are always opportunities to add to your current level of skill in whatever it is you're doing. After all, whether they're movement skills or coaching/teaching skills, they're your skills - develop them, continue to refine them, and most importantly, own them for life!

4. LaunchPad is the foundation
As a base, confidence and competence in fundamental movement is going to set the foundation for future sporting success or lifelong, active and healthy participation in physical activity. We believe that LaunchPad is the Nursery of Australian Sport!

Motivation also plays a key role. We want kids to like to move. We want kids to want to move. Inspiring those involved by keeping LaunchPad fresh and fun is an important part of the program. Check out the clip below - it's not always about perfect technique and scoring goals...

Source: CBCSports | Soccer