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Looking for something to help you get your kids active? Perhaps a warm up activity before a physical education lesson, or just to re-energise them in class? Maybe you’re looking for something your children can do as a performance; working in a team; being creative and problem solving? LaunchPad is the fundamental movement program for you!

LaunchPad Gymnastics Fact Sheet for Teachers

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We'd like to make things as easy as possible for teachers to incorporate movement into their classroom teaching. LaunchPad can be delivered in schools by teachers!

LaunchPad offers easy to follow, sequential Lesson Plans aimed to reach curriculum objectives in Health and Physical Education. Alternatively, teachers can mix and match activities from the Lesson Plans using the knowledge gained in their LaunchPad: Ignite! workshop. Gymnastics Australia also have a range of supplementary resources that can give further ideas and options to help with planning. Take a look at what's available here .

GymMix Online Lesson Planner  is an online resource enabling LaunchPad certified teachers and coaches to create and save their own lesson plans with a convenient Lesson Plan Builder. Participants who complete the LaunchPad: Ignite! workshop gain access to this resource for a 12 month timeframe with the option to continue their involvement with LaunchPad afterwards.

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Sporting Schools

To find out more about how to deliver LaunchPad gymnastics sessions within the Sporting Schools program and our calendar of workshops, go to the Sporting Schools  page or contact:

Suimai Leong
03 8698 9700 (dial 5)

Gymnastics Australia has a range of highly capable clubs and service providers that deliver quality movement programs. If you are delivering gymnastics programs at your school, we’d like to provide you with information about local clubs in your area that can help progress your children after they have launched into fundamental movement with you.

Your state/territory can help link you to local LaunchPad clubs in your area as well, maybe you would like a LaunchPad certified coach to come to your school to deliver a LaunchPad gymnastics session? Whatever you need, your state/territory Gymnastics Association is here to help and will be able to help you make a connection - contact us.