FreeG Kids

Designed to capture the excitement and fast pace of Ninja Warrior, our latest LaunchPad program is now available for clubs and schools.

FreeG is a term used to describe a new and rapidly developing activity which encourages participants to use traditional gymnastics equipment in new ways. It draws on influences from martial arts, free-running, parkour, tricking and breakdance. The FreeG Kids program introduces participants to key concepts and basic skills. The 8 sessions are more structured and use a wider variety of ‘Warrior Circuit’ activities to keep children active and engaged. As with all LaunchPad Gymnastics programs, FreeG Kids sessions focus on teaching children fundamental movement skills using fun and engaging sequential activities that build on the existing skills and knowledge of each participant.

Children are given opportunities to demonstrate their ability to combine elements of effort, space and time when performing movement sequences with and without equipment. They will discuss and demonstrate different movement pathways and flow when solving movement challenges.

Within a FreeG class, it is not unusual for participants to find new and creative uses for traditional gymnastics apparatus, or to be combining different apparatus into a series of obstacles. Many familiar gymnastics skills have been modified for various reasons such as to increase difficulty, or include a new take off technique and a variety of new skills have been developed within this discipline.

Gymnastics Australia has developed a range of resources including FreeG Kids Lesson plans, Activity cards, Participation Certificates, equipment and apparel to support the delivery of the program in clubs and schools.

To purchase FreeG Kids resources, head to the Gymnastics Australia Gymshop here.

Head to our FreeG website - to find our more on contact your state/territory!