GymMix Online Lesson Planner

This online resource is a must for all gymnastics coaches and teachers!

The aim of this resource is to assist club coaches and teachers to deliver quality recreational gymnastics programs that will provide participants with the skills to enjoy gymnastics in both clubs and schools. The online Lesson Planner allows coaches to build lessons including Warm Up, Skill Development, Circuits and Cool Down activities in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select activities.
  2. Drag them into the lesson plan.
  3. Save your lesson plan.
  4. Print lesson plan and take it with you to class.

How to access GymMix Online Lesson Planner:

If you are a current registered technical member, to access GymMix Lesson Planner complimentary, please follow these steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Click ‘Sign In’ on the home page in the top right corner
  3. Put in your user name (usually member ID) and password (usually DOB)
  4. Once signed in, in the top right corner, click on ‘Hi, Name’
  5. Then click the ‘GymMix’ tab in the middle of screen

Schools associated with Sporting Schools or teachers who completed a LaunchPad: Ignite! online course, will receive complimentary access for 12 months.

Please contact for assistance if you are unable to access the GymMix Lesson Planner.

The GymMix Lesson Planner comes with awesome Activity Cards. Cards can be printed separately in A3, laminated and placed at various stations around the gym floor. Children can view the picture, read the activity name and other information such as safety and teaching points.

Not happy with the lesson that you've created? Simply return to your saved lesson plan and modify to suit.