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LaunchPad offers coaches and teachers useful resources to assist with delivery of LaunchPad programs. All of the Lesson plans and Activity Cards in the LaunchPad programs have been developed by coaches and teachers, for coaches and teachers. The activities are structured to become more complex as the lessons progress, challenging participants but still keeping the fun in mind!

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KinderGym Lesson Plans & Activity Cards

Includes a unit plan, 8 weeks of Lesson Plans (plus a 'Special Day') and 40 Activity Cards.

Release One $55.00 $85.00
Release Two $55.00 $85.00

GymFun/GymSkills Lesson Plans & Activity Cards

Includes a unit plan, 8 weeks of Lesson Plans and Activity Cards.

Release One $55.00 $85.00
Release Two $55.00 $85.00
Release Three $55.00 $85.00

Kinder GymMix
The LaunchPad Kinder GymMix is a resource for coaches and teachers working with children under five years old. The manual has wonderful illustrations of babies and young children, actively involved in a range of fundamental movement activities.

Having parents or carers moving with children is part of the KinderGym program and there are plenty of fun ideas for adults to join in to support their child’s participation. In addition, the manual covers child development and helps to explain the benefits of KinderGym.

The LaunchPad Kinder GymMix supports and enhances the information in the LaunchPad KinderGym Lesson Plans and leads into the GymMix coaching manual. It is available for purchase from the Gymnastics Australia GymShop.

$65.95 $95.95

GymMix - Series A Set
GymMix is a coaching and teaching resource for clubs and schools developed by Gymnastics Australia.

The resource introduces participants to the fundamentals of gymnastics using a challenging, enjoyable and safe approach. This is a comprehensive resource containing over 700 pages of fundamental gymnastics activities!

There are also options for ordering certificates, participant record books, posters, and more!

$100.00 $150.00

GymMix Online Lesson Planner: If you are a LaunchPad certified coach or teacher, you should have received your log in information so sign in and get underway!

GymShop on Gymnastics Australia website is where to go to purchase any of the LaunchPad resources. Special prices are available for non-member teachers/schools who have completed a LaunchPad: Ignite!  workshop.