Sport Australia's  Sporting Schools program brings schools and sports together to deliver quality sporting programs and inspire primary students to develop a lifelong interest in sport. Sporting Schools will fund sporting activities, including LaunchPad gymnastics in more that 5,700 schools and provide access to a range of trained community coaches.

Benefits of LaunchPad program

  • Expose Gymnastics to more children in schools
  • Provide opportunities for Australian children to develop their fundamental movement skills
  • Link schools with local clubs
  • Develop and feature LaunchPad gymnastics clubs on the Sporting Schools online portal
  • Broaden club participation base
  • Provide access to professional development opportunities for coaches and teachers
  • Access funding to support the delivery of gymnastics programs

Benefits of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of few sports that can offer children the opportunity to develop physical abilities that are important for their overall development. These days’ playground and backyard opportunities are reduced, where children can climb, jump and hang etc.

The LaunchPad gymnastics programs are delivered by experienced gymnastics coaches can provide children with fundamental movement skills safely. Teachers will be surprised at the range of safe and engaging activities that can be undertaken and many will become confident to teach these skills themselves. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced self-esteem through learning skills not taught in any other sport
  • Development of spatial awareness
  • Development of safe landing skills (applicable to all sports and life situations)
  • Improved strength, posture, and coordination (also applicable to all sport and life situations)